Wishing for Spring

Since I can't stop wishing for Spring and all the fashion that comes along with it, I thought I would just dive right in and start making a list of things that I'd love to have for the warmer months ahead! Why does fashion always have to be ahead of the weather?  I am craving all things bright and colorful right now, and I was so excited when I found this beach bag and this clutch! See all the things that have me itching for springtime below!


I have rearranged things above on the website navigation bar to make space for some new pages! The old "shop" tab has now become the "store" tab, where you can go to purchase my 2016 Fashion Calendar and fashion illustrations! The new/current "shop" tab is now a drop down menu for all my shopping pages, where you can go to see gift guides/ my favorite things in store. There is now a page for what I'm currently loving, valentine's day gift ideas, and my spring wishlist! I thought it would be a great way to share all of my favorite finds and the endless list of products I have bookmarked on my computer! I will be continually updating these pages throughout the coming weeks & months! 

ALSO: For 2016, my blogging goal is to post 5 or more times a week! Hopefully I will have a new post each day up by noon, so be sure to check back daily for new content :) Thanks so much for reading!!