My Top 5 Purchases of 2017

When looking back at 2017, there are a few items and products that stood out from the rest, and today I'm excited to share my top 5 purchases of the year! These are items that I have worn/used countless times and would highly recommend to everyone I know. While this list could have easily had 10-20 items on it or featured more trendy/statement fashion items, I really wanted to narrow it down and feature 5 tried and true essential products that I wear/use daily or weekly! I would consider all of these to be my "must-haves" of 2017!

1. Vince Platform Sneakers

These sneakers were easily my most worn pair of shoes in 2017. The moment I first slipped them on I knew it would be hard to take them off, because of just how comfortable they are! I never really thought I was a platform sneaker kind of girl until these entered my life, and now there is no turning back. Regular sneakers just don't feel the same anymore. The extra height and comfort is a major plus! Not to mention you can wear these sneakers with just about annnnything- from jeans, to dresses, to skirts, to shorts, and everything in-between! 

I have these sneakers in gray (see outfit post here), but they also come in a whole rainbow of colors. The blush and navy are my other favorites!

This Neely and Chloe tote was one of my first purchases of 2017, and I think I used it nearly every single day of the entire year. Last January I hosted an event with Neely and Chloe in Birmingham (see post here) and fell in love with this large tote and the versatility of it! During the week I use it for carrying my laptop, books, planner, etc. to and from the coffee shops I love to work at, and on the weekends I fill it to the max for road trips and traveling. 

My tote is blush pink (no surprise there- I may have a slight obsession with the color) and unfortunately the pink is no longer available, but it is still available in tons of other pretty colors here! The white and gray are my top picks!

These jeans are one of my more recent finds (I didn't discover them until December) but I absolutely could not leave them off this list. They are EVERYTHING, and I have barely taken them off the past several weeks. In the past I have struggled to find skinny jeans that didn't stretch out and lose their shape throughout the day, but these have completely changed that! They are high waisted (which I love) and have just the right amount of stretch but completely hold their shape throughout the day. The best part is that they are under $100 and come in several washes (see the light here, medium heredark here, and black here). I will definitely be purchasing more pairs of these in 2018!

While the first 3 items on my list were style related, let's switch gears for a second to talk about the tech item I could not live without- these Bose headphones. I am so addicted to them and use them every single day. Fun fact about me- I am a music person. From the moment I wake up until the time I go to sleep, I almost always have some kind of music playing. Whether it's from my phone, my computer, or my car- I am always listening to something. It may seem counterproductive, but I really cannot focus without listening to music. The noise canceling feature makes the biggest difference in the world and allows me to listen to music while completely focusing on the task at hand without outside distractions. They also make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE when it comes to flying too and cancel out all the distracting noise from the plane/passengers. They are a travel must have. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love these headphones and I highly, highly recommend them!

Since purchasing this monogrammed Carry-On in September, it has come on every trip with me. It has proven to be a stylish yet durable and functional bag that is perfect for traveling! The hardshell polycarbonate material is strong and has kept all of my important carry on items (camera/laptop/etc) safe in every flight.

I have received many questions about this bag and whether the white color has been durable/stayed clean over the past several months, and I must say it has been great! While I usually carry on this bag, it has been checked several times and came out fine. It definitely got some black marks on it, but most were easy to wipe off (travel trick- use a makeup remover wipe!) and the bag is still in great condition after 8 flights. 

If you are looking for a darker bag you don't have to worry about getting dirty, this same bag also comes in navy, green, and black here!