Berry Velvet feat. Noble 31


A bold top and a beautiful bow make the perfect velvet pair.

STYLING TIP: A couple weeks ago I shared my love for this season's velvet trend here, and I'm excited to share today's outfit featuring yet another velvet favorite of mine: the "Lucy Top" by Noble 31. As I said in my previous post, velvet is a fabric that brings a bold yet soft and luxurious feel to any outfit, and it is a textile I cannot get enough of this winter. Because velvet itself can feel a bit bold and dramatic, I like toning it down and wearing it with more basic items like these jeans and these simple gold earrings. To play up the sweet and feminine drama of the top, I wore these black heels and added a velvet bow to my hair to top off the outfit! Side note: there is something about putting a bow in your hair that immediately makes you feel 4 years old again and I kind of love it.

OUTFIT HIGHLIGHT: Meet my favorite brand discovery of 2018: Noble 31 (the designer of the top I'm wearing today as well as the top I wore Monday). A few weeks ago, one of the founders of this beautiful brand reached out and shared a bit of their story with me, and I have fallen in love with not only their designs but their story and mission as well. Noble 31 is a fashion brand based in Texas that was founded by two sets of sisters that share a love for fashion and making a difference in their communities. What I respect most about Noble 31 and its founders is their passion to help make women feel beautiful and empowered in the clothes they wear.

I admire the fact that each of Noble 31's products is designed and made in the USA, and a portion of their profits each season benefits a charity helping other women make a difference in the world. More specifically, this season a portion of Noble 31's profits supports The Net to help combat sexual exploitation in Fort Worth, TX.

And in case any of you were wondering where the name Noble 31 came from, there's a pretty cool story behind it. Staley Moore (one of the founders) explained, "We came up with the name Noble 31 from Proverbs 31. We wanted a name that was rooted in strength and inspiration, and the woman described in Proverbs 31 was exactly that. She's such a modern woman - one who works hard and whole heartedly; she is well respected; she doesn't spend her time worrying but is excited about the future. That's what we hope for everyone who wears, sees, makes our clothes." How amazing. 

I love a brand with a purpose that goes beyond what the eye can see, and I think what these ladies are doing, using their passion and love for fashion in a much bigger and impactful way, is really incredible and inspiring. I cannot wait to see what all is in store for Noble 31 in the coming seasons! 

Take a look and shop Noble 31's beautiful designs here!