Monday Q&A No. 7

monday q&a.png

Happy Monday! The start of a new week means time for another Q&A post- see previous Q&A posts in this series here, here, here, here, here, and here. Thank you so much to each of you that continues to send questions my way! If you have an answer you’d like me to answer, send them over via DM (@lcbstyle), email (, or comment below!

What’s ahead this week…
More Mother’s Day gift ideas and a big surprise sale that kicks off Tuesday- stay tuned! Also really looking forward to celebrating my sister’s engagement party this weekend! Spring wedding guest dresses are definitely top of mind right now, so I’m hoping to share more of my spring dress picks on the LiketoKnow.It app this week. Be sure to follow along there if you aren’t already to not miss out on my daily splurge vs. save posts, everyday outfits, and more.


1. Do you have any siblings? Yes! I am one of 5 children and have always loved growing up in a big family. I have one sister and three brothers, and they are all my very best friends. I feel pretty lucky that we all live within an hour of each other at the moment!

2. Where is your favorite place you have visited this year? Ooooh that is so tough. I think I would have to say, so far this year, it has to be Palm Beach! It’s such a happy, inspiring place filled with bright colors and endless sunshine. However, I’m really excited about a trip coming up next week that may take the cake. See my Palm Beach posts here! A peek at a few things I’m packing for my next trip below.

3. How do sponsored posts work? Does the brand contact you or do you contact them? First, I feel very lucky to be able to work on sponsored posts and partner with brands that organically align with the content I share on my site. I am very picky about the collaborations I accept, because it would never be worth my time or yours to talk about a product or brand that I do not 100% stand behind and support. I am very careful to not just look at the product being offered but always dive deeper into the brand and investigate their mission and what they stand for. That being said, right now most of the sponsored posts you see on my blog/ Instagram came about because a brand contacted me first. I have reached out to brands in the past but have not made as much time for “pitching” lately!

4. Do you have any espadrille sneaker suggestions? Yes! I’ve dubbed these the “summer sneaker” and love the look of them paired with dresses and skirts for spring and summer. Linking my picks at all price points below.

5. Do you have any cover up suggestions? I’m looking for something lightweight to throw on at the lake/beach! Yes, linking 14 of my favorite cover-ups below! This one, this one, and this one are my top picks under $100.