Monday Q&A No. 2

monday q&a.png

Happy Monday! Excited to kick off this week with another “Monday Q&A” post (see the first post in this new series here). This week is sure to be a very full one with lots of prepping and planning before a few upcoming trips over the next several weeks. It has been so nice to have a little bit of time at home over the past few weeks to catch up on back end things for the blog. But I am also very ready to pack up and head out of town again!

These past few weeks I’ve been really attempting to work on balance with blogging. Lots of times I feel like I am never fully caught up and the to do list is kind of never ending (in a good way). If I feel I am caught up on the publishing front, it usually means I have more work to do on the back end (emails/ invoicing/ partnerships/ etc) and vis versa.

“Balance” is a tricky thing. Over the past several months, I have gotten so much better at realizing/remembering that balance is more of a motion and less of a fixed thing- meaning “balance” doesn’t always look the same week to week. What does balance look like to you? Whether you are 15, 25, 35, or 50, I know many of you can probably relate with various things in life all happening at once!

Here’s to a productive and style filled week ahead! Let’s dive into today’s questions!


1. What was your strategy in landing your first brand collaboration? When I started my blog, some of my first “collaborations” were with local jewelry designers and artists. I loved partnering with other creatives across the Southeast to spread the word about their designs. It was a great way to promote each other’s platforms and expose our brands to new audiences! Another strategy I used was tagging the brands I was wearing in each of my Instagram photos. I would also occasionally send my blog posts directly to the PR contacts of the brands I was wearing. Read more in depth about my first “big collaboration” with MICHELE here- they reached out after seeing my Instagram photos tagging them when I wore the MICHELE Deco.

2. White two piece outfit suggestions for bachelorette trip? Linked my favorite finds below.

3. What do you eat in a day? On a “normal” or “ideal” day, I eat…
-breakfast: avocado toast and fruit (clementine, blueberries, strawberries, etc.)
-lunch: a salad with grilled chicken or chicken salad OR a burrito bowl OR a turkey sandwich
-dinner: this varies a lot but usually some sort of meat (chicken or steak) with vegetables (green beans, corn, squash, etc.) and salad if I’m at home // dinner is the meal I eat out most, so this can also mean pizza, pasta, seafood, mexican, sushi, etc!

4. If you could only shop from one clothing brand for the rest of your life, which would it be? Such a tough question! Right now, I think I would have to say Ulla Johnson, Tory Burch, or Tibi.

5. Affordable places to buy bathing suits? Old Navy, J. Crew, Target, Abercrombie (they are really making a come back), Aerie, and Asos are all great places to look for affordable swimwear! Linked a few picks below.