Monday Q&A No. 11

monday q&a.png

Happy Monday! The start of a new week means time for another Q&A post- see previous Q&A posts in this series here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Thank you so much to each of you that continues to send questions my way! If you have an answer you’d like me to answer, send them over via DM (@lcbstyle), email (, or comment below!


1. How do you edit your Instagram photos? I use a preset I created in Lightroom to edit most of my photos, but if I am on the go and quickly editing a pic, I will use the C3 filter in the VSCO app. After applying the C3 filter, I usually increase exposure, decrease the temperature, and increase the pinks slightly. Read this post for an in depth explanation of how I edit all the photos for my blog and Instagram- as well as a round up all the camera gear I use and how I sort through/ store all the photos I take.

2. Stripes or florals- which would you choose? Well, that is a total toss up depending on the day. However, if I had to commit to wearing one of these patterns everyday for the rest of my life, I would go with stripes. There is something so timeless and polished about a pretty striped outfit- whether it’s a striped tee and jeans, striped skirt, or striped dress!

3. Where can I find cute headbands? Shopbop, Nordstrom, and H&M (for budget friendly finds) all have a great selection of headbands. Linking my favorites below.

4. Looking for a new pair of white skinny jeans. Any suggestions? Madewell and J. Brand are usually my go-to for white jeans. Linking a few of my favorite pairs below.

5. Best investment gift under $500- an Hermes scarf or Saint Laurent pouch? Oh wow, that is a tough call and tbh I don’t think you can really go wrong. However, I think I would personally go with the Hermes scarf since I would get more use out of it. I like carrying a larger zippered, continental style wallet, so a card case wouldn’t be super useful for me day to day. Hermes scarves are so timeless and the colorful patterns can brighten and bring almost any outfit to life. There are also about 983019283 ways to style Hermes scarves which makes them super fun and special to have in your wardrobe!