Monday Q&A No. 10

monday q&a.png

Happy Monday! The start of a new week means time for another Q&A post- see previous Q&A posts in this series here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Thank you so much to each of you that continues to send questions my way! If you have an answer you’d like me to answer, send them over via DM (@lcbstyle), email (, or comment below!


1. Three beauty must haves? Right now my three most favorite beauty products are Biologique Recherche Lotion P50- amazing for evening out skin tone, Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen/ Moisturizer- provides sun protection and gives just the right about of “tint” as a base layer to my daily makeup, and BeautyCoutner Lengthening Mascara- finally found a “clean” mascara I LOVE.

2. What is your dream job? Long story short- to be a designer! I go way way more on depth on that in this post here about my non-traditional college path and career dreams.

3. Any tips for time management? Good question! I am always looking to improve in the area of time management and finding balance between all my daily tasks/ commitments. I have found that one of the most beneficial “tools” for managing my time is making lists and setting realistic expectations for what I can get done in one day. I am constantly making lists on my phone of different things I need to get done and spreading them out between several categories- TO DO TODAY, TO DO TOMORROW, and FUTURE TO DO. I have found that prioritizing tasks/ events/ commitments this way keeps me on track and my priorities in line. Also by setting realistic expectations of what I can get done in one single day, I try my best not to overwhelm myself and give my self more grace. I used to make one long, long list of things to do but I found that not ever being able to “complete it” and just rolling over what I didn't get done to the next day left me feeling defeated at the end of the day and like I was never doing “enough.” By keeping my TO DO TODAY list more concise/ limited to the most important tasks, it feels so rewarding to be able to check everything off my list at the end of the day and feel prepared/ excited for the next day’s tasks.

4. Cute midi dresses? Linked 10 favorites below!

5. A good summer to fall handbag? Love this one, this one, and this one all under $300 from this brand!