LCB Collection Look Eight

Introducing Look Eight of LCB Collection...

top, skirt, earrings, and bracelets: by yours truly!

After receiving such positive feedback on this design last August, I really wanted to create another crop top + skirt look (but with some variation) for my collection! This look truly came together at the very last minute. Because we shot the entire collection while on vacation, I had a very firm deadline to finish everything. And of course, I was working up until the very. last. minute. I finished this look only about 12 hours before we left town! I had so many other things to do (including pack and prepare spring break blog posts), and I was so ready to be finished with the entire collection! I was so close to calling it a day and only having seven looks in my collection, but I have a strong dislike for odd numbers, so I knew I had to push through- 8 was the golden number! :) 

So, I kept focused and I am so glad that I did, because I was so so happy with how this top and skirt design came together! I love the printed top and the simple, asymmetric skirt. The top is made of the same fabric as the shorts from Look 2, and this skirt is actually made out of the same lightweight denim from Look 7

Unfortunately, Look 8, was also the last outfit we had to photograph, which explains the poor lighting + grainier than usual photos- sorry!

Head here to see a few more photos of this look in the LCB Collection Lookbook! See blog posts about previous looks here: Look 1 Look 2Look 3Look 4Look 5Look 6, and Look 7!

And that officially wraps up the release of my first fashion collection! Thank you for each and every single one of your sweet comments and messages. It means more to me than you know!