Introducing LCB Collection + Look One

Happy Monday! Today I am so excited to begin sharing my first fashion collection, LCB Collection! I have put so many hours into designing and creating each of these garments, and I am so thrilled to finally share them with you... It has been a long time coming! I have created a whole new section on LCB Style to share more of my vision, process, and creation of my fashion collection here (or see "LCB Collection" above)! Start with the introduction and inspiration page, then work your way through the sketches, lookbook, and video!

Over the course of the next 8 days, I am going to be releasing the lookbook photos for 1 of the 8 looks from the collection each day. Be sure to check the blog each day for an in depth post about the look of the day and go to the lookbook to see all the photos! Continue reading below for more about Look One!

top, dress, earrings, and bracelets: by yours truly!

Today, we begin with Look One! The first design I drew when I began designing the collection was a matching two piece set (a top and maxi skirt). This look as a whole changed a lot over time as I began constructing it. When I first drew this look, the top was a tank top with thin straps, a scoop neck, and a ruffled hem (made in the same fabric + color as the skirt). After I completed the original top, I began working on the skirt. When I tried the two pieces on together for the first time, I immediately knew something wasn’t right, and I was going to have to make a change. The proportions of the top were off, and the ruffled bottom of the top and the ruffle of the skirt were just too much. The ruffles competed with each other, and it was not what I had envisioned.

SO, enter plan b: a fitted white crop top. After realizing that the problem with the original top was that there was too much “flow” going on, I decided this look needed a much more fitted top to balance the flow of the skirt. I love white and blush pink, so I found this textured white cotton fabric and went back to work sewing. I love the contrast of the white against the pink and the contrast of the fitted cotton top against the flowing silk skirt. Although this look does not look exactly like what I originally drew, I love how it ultimately came together! There were definitely some obstacles along the way with this look, but it made all the work worth it once I was satisfied and happy with the outcome! 

See the video of the making of this skirt here!