Collection Obsession: Club Monaco Spring 16

Club Monaco's Spring 16 collection really popped out at me the other day, and I knew I had to share it with you on the blog! It's one of few collections that I can really see myself wearing every. single. last. item. After seeing all the cute new arrivals on line, it made me really wish there was a Club Monaco store nearby!

I can always tell I really love a collection when I start envisioning the places I will wear the designs, and I am already picturing this top with these shoes for the Fourth of July and this off the shoulder dress for a fun summer dinner! Club Monaco's spring collection is equal parts trendy (off the shoulder, tassels, and ruffles included) and classic (stripes and gingham) with pieces that can be worn for many seasons to come, yet so many of the items really fit so many of this season's trends perfectly. I really cannot get over these fringe espadrilles that come in a flat and wedge style. 

p.s. this jumpsuit is almost identical to the one of my favorites I wore here last summer! 

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