Business Casual Fashion

Today I am excited to share about something kind of new to LCB Style: business casual fashion! With most colleges’ spring semesters starting to wrap up, I know lots of people are getting ready to shift their closets towards summer internships and new jobs. With these exciting new job opportunities comes new daily attire! “Business casual” can be a tricky term and usually leaves everyone wondering, “What does that even mean?” Personally, every time I hear the phrase “business casual” my mind immediately jumps to an ill fitted black pantsuit, but let me tell you that is not all it entails! "Business casual" can actually be super chic and fashion-forward! I totally believe that what you’re wearing can change your attitude and outlook, so finding something that you feel comfortable and confident in can make a huge difference when jumping into a new routine! 

When searching for business casual clothes, these are my go-to stores:

1. nordstrom
2. banana republic *big sale going on now with extra 40% off sale*
3. kate spade
4. j. crew

Oh, and if you need some more ideas to get inspired, I just created a new business casual pinterest board that you can follow here! :) 

Take a look at my business casual outfit ideas! *click directly on product to shop*

look 1: pants + button down

look 3: suede skirt + striped top

look 5: shirt dress + wedges

look 2: peplum dress + flats

look 4: color block dress + lace up heels

look 6: culottes + vest




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