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I have always read about Diana Vreeland, because her life truly fascinates me. She revolutionized the fashion world and had a major impact on all aspects of the fashion industry through her time as editor at both Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. She paved the way for today's editors like Anna Wintour. Vreeland was in the middle of all the action and began the worldwide fashion empire that exists today!

15 Things You Didn't Know about Diana Vreeland

1. The pillows in her home were infused with perfume via hypodermic needles.

2. Before becoming a fashion editor, Diana had a lingerie shop in London. Legend has it that Wallis Simpson seduced Edward, then Prince of Wales, while wearing one of Diana's nightgowns. "Mom's store brought down the British Empire," her son Frederick once joked. She often had her own nightgowns tailored, with up to three fittings on a single one.

3. She always had her dollar bills and her tissues ironed before putting them in her handbag.

4. She ate the same lunch every day: a whole-wheat peanut-butter-and-marmalade sandwich, washed down with scotch. "Peanut butter is the greatest invention since Christianity," she said.

5. She rarely left the house before noon, and she often conducted serious business from her tub.

6. The only thing Diana loved more than fashion was reading, and her favorite book was Moby-Dick. "My life has been more influenced by books than by any other one thing," she said.

7. Hollywood director Joel Schumacher got his start working with her as a fashion stylist.

8. Diana's signature color was red, but she never found the perfect shade, which was, according to her, "the color of a child's cap in any Renaissance portrait."

9. She had her custom-made shoes shined for years before she ever started wearing them. And once they entered her rotation, she had the leather and the soles shined every day.

10. She approved of jeans but only on the right body: "I think blue jeans are the most beautiful things in the world, and they can be as tight as you can wear them, but only if you look well and have long limbs."

11. Paris's Hôtel de Crillon reserved her personal bed linens for her frequent visits.

12. Her grandson Nicholas is a Tibetan Buddhist monk (the first Westerner to be made an abbot), while my husband, Alexander, has always worked in fashion.

13. She loved surfing though she'd never been on a board.

14. Diana's Kabuki-like blush was a signature that not everyone understood. A kindly flight attendant once offered,"Here, honey, let me rub in your rouge for you."

15. Her "Why Don't You...?" column was parodied in a 1938 issue of The New Yorker: "If a perfectly strange lady came up to you on the street and demanded, 'Why don't you travel with a little raspberry-colored blanket to throw over yourself...' the chances are that you would...hit her with a bottle."

If you ever have the chance, watch this documentary on her life! 

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