Birmingham Fashion Week 2014: Thursday Night

On Thursday, I had the privilege of attending Birmingham Fashion Week. It was a great show featuring several awesome designers and some really creative junior high and high school students' non-conventional designs! 

The show kicked off with University of Alabama graduate Lauren Leonard's collection, Leona. Lauren has a really great sense of style and her collections are always very polished and colorful. Visit her website and follow her on Instagram @leonanewyork.

These were my favorite looks:

{love the detailing on the back of this dress}

Next, the show featured many talented junior high and high school students super creative designs made out of everything from CDs to solo cups to yarn. I really loved these designs:

The show ended with two Project Runway Alums' collections. These included Jonathan Kayne and Anthony Ryan Auld. Jonathan Kayne showed some amazingly gorgeous gowns with incredible beading like in this gown:

{please excuse the blurriness!}

 Anthony Ryan Auld showed some really creative looks as well. I really loved the look below:

Finally, I cannot talk about BFW without mentioning the super fun host Tara Gray. She is so much fun and full of energy. She really gets the crowd involved and takes the show to the next level. 

This show was such a fun event! Although Birmingham is in no way New York, I am so glad my city has a fashion week! This show really made me so excited to hopefully attend a fashion show in New York one day (hopefully, soon!). 

xoxo, lcb

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