More NYFW: Osklen Spring 2014

After dreaming for years about being invited to a show at NYFW, it finally happened! I was invited to attend the Osklen show that took place today at 7pm at the Tents at Lincoln Center! Unfortunately, because the show fell in the middle of the week (and school is still a priority :/), I did not get to go. 

Anyways, to be honest, before I received the invitation, I had not heard of this brand. After doing some research, I have found that this brand has done and is continuing to do some really awesome things! Oskar Metsavaht is the Creative Director of Osklen. He launched Osklen in 1989 as a lifestyle brand. The following is an excerpt from the brand description on the MB Fashion Week website: "Oskar Metsavaht continuously draws inspiration for his designs from his dynamic lifestyle. With a culturally rich life and a love of art, architecture, photography, film, travel and sports; he channels his interests into a wide range of creative endeavors."Many of his designs are very simple and versatile with interesting lines. The MB Fashion Week website also says that "in 2011, Osklen received the title of “Emergent Luxury Brand of the Year”. Osklen has 62 stores in Brazil, as well as a large international presence with flagship stores in Tokyo, New York, Miami, Milan, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Punta Del Este. There are Osklen showrooms in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Japan and the United States. The brand is also available in top tier specialty and department stores internationally." 

Like many of the other Spring 2014 Collections we have seen in New York this week, Osklen's collection is full of black and white contrast, layering, and sharp lines. These are my favorites from tonight's show:

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Caroline BComment