One of my favorite blogs to read each day is Brighton the Day. Brighton always has loads of inspiration for her readers. Today she launched the new campaign #beSTILLbeBRIGHT, which you can read more about here. The campaign is to help promote "the importance of practicing daily, spiritual discipline [be still and know!] as well as encourage you to live a life of truth and light [let your light shine!]." Be sure to check out the page and join the movement. In our lives today, it is sometimes a challenge to remember how important quiet time spent focusing solely on the Lord is, and I hope this campaign will help to encourage others to "be still and know" {Psalm 46:10} as well as "let their light shine"{Matthew 5:16}! Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in all the materialistic objects and ideas in this world but we must always remember it is He who reigns and has given us this life to live for His glory! 

Caroline BComment