"The Blogger Bracelet"

For several months now, a certain bracelet has caught my eye almost every time I sit down to read blogs or scroll through my instagram feed. I am sure you have either heard of it, seen it, purchased it, or maybe you are even wearing it right now. What I am talking about is the J.Crew Pave Link Bracelet, known around my house as "the blogger bracelet". It has been everywhere. Being an internet shopper, I waited and waited for it to come back in stock online. I finally gave in a few days ago and went to the store and bought it. If you do not have it already, do not worry they are now back in stock online here! At such a reasonable price, the bracelet truly is a great piece to add to your arm candy. The bracelet can be easily dressed up for a cocktail event or dressed down for everyday wear. The bracelet adds a heavier layer and sparkle to any outfit. Just take a look at some of the ways it has been worn.

xoxo, lcb
Caroline BComment