Summer Nail Polishes

I always have to have my fingernails and toenails painted. I have grown so used to them always being painted that I feel bare without them painted. During the summer months, I always have to have bright colors on my nails. I am usually drawn towards reds and pinks more than blues or turquoises.

I had always had so much trouble painting my own nails, because I could not sit still while they dried. I always ended up messing up my nails and having to repaint them time and time again. Then, this summer I was introduced to the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish, and it is the BEST. It has a rounded brush for easy applying. Also, it dries incredibly fast; by the time you paint your second hand or foot, the other one is dry! It is so great, everyone should try them out! 

What are your favorite nail colors for Spring and Summer, and what nail polish brands do you love?

*All above pictures are my own