Walk on the Beach

top: j. crew // shorts: paige denim // hat: tory burch (similar) // shoes: tory burch // earrings: vanessa mooney // watch: michele // bracelets: lcb collection

"Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you." -Psalm 93:4

How great is His love! I love the visual of this verse and the reminder of just how incredibly GREAT the Lord's love is. Whenever I step onto the beach, I am in awe of His creation. His love is all consuming, unconditional, and completely beyond all understanding. Think of the biggest waves and the scariest of storms, and His love is even mightier than all of it. The waves in life can seem enormous and frightening, but His love is always greater. It blows my mind that the one who created the oceans, mountains, sky, stars, flowers, and everything in all creation is the same one who loves us and calls us each by name. 

Wherever you find yourself today, whether it is finishing college finals, sitting in an office, or maybe looking forward to your next vacation to the beach, my hope is that you would know how much God loves you and just how powerful His love for you is! xo