A Sweet and Personalized Mother's Day Gift Idea

mday pic-02.jpg


May is almost upon us and Mother’s Day is almost here! With the holiday being just a little over two weeks away, I have been brainstorming ideas for things to spoil my mom with this year. While I’m usually a really good last minute shopper 😉, I’m trying to think a little bit farther ahead this year, since I will be out of town the week leading up to Mother’s Day!

My mom is my best friend and the sweetest, caring, most loving human on the planet, and I love any chance my family and I get to celebrate her and all she does for us day in and day out. I would absolutely positively not be who I am or where I am today without her!

When beginning to brainstorm gift ideas for my sweet mom a couple weeks ago, I started thinking about what I could give her that would be personal but also something functional that she would use on a daily basis. And after thinking through several options, I landed on the idea of a set of monogrammed towels from Weezie Towels. Life is all about the little luxuries, and I think these are a gift that she will both love and use daily!

I first received a couple hand towels from Weezie Towels as a gift a couple months ago (see here), and I have been quite literally obsessed with them ever since first unboxing them. They are super soft to the touch but still really absorbent (they don’t have that slick, film-like feeling that some soft towels do). The sweet details- the colorful piping and pretty monograms are what truly captured my heart though.

I got a little lost on their website playing around with the cute piping colors and monogram options but eventually settled on the exact same style that I have 👯 with light blue piping and the “Prince” monogram style. I was so torn between the “Prince” and “River” monograms- they are both so pretty! In the end, I’m happy I settled on the same style I have… since people say that we are twins, it is only fitting that we would have the same towels too! So thrilled to share these pretty towels with her… I know she will love them for years to come!

You can shop Weezie Towels and get a set for your mom too right here! FYI: custom embroidery for Mother's Day ends a week from today on Tuesday, April 30th.

Thank you to Weezie Towels for partnering with me on this post!