Style Board by LCB No. 1

On Monday I kicked off a new blog series, Monday Q &A, and today I am so thrilled to introduce another new blog series: “Style Board by LCB.”

I am constantly browsing and shopping online, as you know by my monthly wishlists, but I’ve been really craving a space where I could put together and share more curated collections of the trends and styles I am loving at the moment. TBH- creating posts like this might be my very favorite, because I feel like I actually get to create something in a sense. That is what I love most… dreaming and creating.

Creating today’s collage takes me back to the days when I would spend hours on Polyvore (did any of you use it too?!) creating endless moldboards and styling countless outfits. I loved playing with all the elements of an outfit and moving things around until I felt it was absolutely perfect!

All the pretty spring florals are trickling into stores, and I am loving all the soft, whimsical colors and patterns. For the first Style Board post, I knew I wanted to create something happy and pretty for spring, so I rounded up lots of my favorite floral dresses, shoes, and accessories. Take a look below! Click each item to shop/see more product details.

This swimsuit top, these shoes, and these earrings are a few of my favorite finds under $150.

P.s. Don’t miss the “MISSED THE CUT” section below today’s Style Board. This is where I will be sharing the products that I bookmarked and wanted to include in the post but didn’t fit quite right. Still love them but for one reason or another they didn’t make the cut due to space/ layout!

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