Monday Q&A No. 1

monday q&a.png

Happy Monday! So thrilled to kick start a brand new series on the blog today: “Monday Q&A.” This series will be exactly what it sounds like- a weekly blog post where I will answer questions submitted by YOU.

I receive quite a few questions from readers through DMs and emails everyday about all sorts of things, and I figured it was time to give all of these questions a home and more permanent place on the blog! I absolutely love hearing from each of you- it is by far one of my favorite things about blogging. Getting to connect more personally with so many of you all across the country (and even the world) that share the same passions as me always feels like such a blessing.

Last night I announced this new series on my Insta story, and I received some of the most fun and unique questions from y’all. Thank you so much for sending them my way! I hope these posts turn into an upbeat space where I am able to answer your questions about fashion, shopping, the business of blogging, my faith, life, and much much more. Feel free to ask away! If you have a question you would like me to answer in this series, feel free to DM me @lcbstyle, email me, or simply leave a comment below.

Today I am going to start things off by answering 5 questions I received on Instagram last night. Here we go!

1. I’m headed to Watercolor next week for spring break, and my family and I are staying in Fairhope the night before! If you could pick 5 places that we have to go to before we leave, what would they be? How fun! Fairhope is a place with so many quaint spots! This is such a challenge for me to narrow down but the top 5 places I’d recommend are…
1. CK Collection for shopping
2. Panini Pete’s for lunch
3. Mr. Gene’s Beans for a sweet treat
4. The Grand Hotel for drinks/a light bite and beautiful view of the sunset
5. Camellia Cafe for dinner- ask for Ricky as your waiter and tell him I sent you :)
Bonus: if you happen to be visiting on a Sunday, head to The Fairhope Inn for Sunday brunch! And for more shopping, head to Sway, Sadie’s, 7 South, and Chapel Farm Collection.

2. White dress recommendations? These are a few of my favorites right now: one, two, three, four, and five. See more here!

3. How do you stay in shape/ stay so tiny? This is a question that I wish I had a better answer to because to be quite honest… I think for me it has more to do with genetics than anything else. I have always been naturally thin, have never paid any attention to/ limited/restricted what I eat, and Pure Barre is the only workout I’ve ever truly enjoyed (but admittedly struggle with my schedule/ being in and out of town to really make it as consistently as I would like).

4. What are some easy clothing items I can wear on spring break and transition from day to night- while still being comfy and warm? Good question. Spring Break packing can be a little tricky since the weather can be so unpredictable this time of year. I would pack versatile dresses and a few layering pieces like a jean jacket, cozy cardigan, and even a cotton sweater that you can wear with a skirt/ shorts as well as white jeans depending on the temperatures.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years? If there is one thing that I have learned in the past five years it’s that the Lord’s ways and His plans for my life are so much greater than anything I could ever dream up or imagine (He. is. so. faithful.), so it’s hard for me to say. I used to be the biggest “planner” but after all that the Lord taught me during college (read my “nontraditional college path” story here), it’s such a challenge for me to think/ plan that far down the road. One of my favorite parts of my job right now is really not knowing what I may be doing next month or even next week- I love the ever changing, ever growing adventure of it. I try to keep my hands as open as possible to the Lord’s plans and His purpose for my life, knowing that His surprises (and even His detours) are always greater. All that to say… I am definitely open to living in a new city, would love to be continuing to grow in my current career- traveling, dreaming, and creating, and also hope to have launched the next phase of LCB STYLE (project currently in the works ;).

Thank you, thank you again for all the questions this week. Keep sending more my way!