My 5 Minute Daily Makeup Routine


Lately I have been receiving quite a few questions about what makeup I use on a daily basis, so this past weekend in Palm Beach (at the Pineapple Pad) I decided to go ahead and film my daily five minute makeup routine to give you a little insight into what products I use on a daily basis. See a quick video of my daily makeup routine on my Instagram story/ highlights here!

Overall, I use a mix of Bobbi Brown and RMS Beauty products as well as a few other items I have discovered from brands through partnerships/gifting (like this mascara, this mascara, and this foundation).

One of my goals of 2019 is to clean up the makeup and beauty products I use and try to use as many natural items as possible. I have heard horror stories about the ingredients that beauty companies dump into the products we use each day, and because our skin is our largest organ these “dirty” ingredients really be very harmful to our overall health.

Last year I attempted to go all-natural by switching to all RMS Beauty makeup (their founder Rose Marie Swift spoke at last year’s TSC Summit- she’s amazing!). However, many of RMS’s products are oil based and my skin is very acne-prone at the moment, so I began to breakout from the amount of oil-based makeup products I was using. I’m sure they work much better on people with dry or normal skin- my sister uses them and looooves all the RMS products. They’re just not the best for my sensitive/acne-prone skin at the moment. Unfortunately I had to go back to using my tried and true Bobbi Brown products but am still on the search for more natural alternatives.

While the products I shared in my Insta story and rounded up below are the items I am currently using and work pretty perfectly, I am still on the search for more ways I can clean up my makeup/ skincare routine. Lately, Beautycounter is a brand that has caught my attention, and I think I may have to give it a try. When I mentioned something about it on my Insta story last week, so many of you had such great things to say about it! If you have any more tips for natural makeup/ products that are “clean” and really work, let me know! I would love to hear.

One other thing to note: I don’t normally use a full coverage foundation everyday, but a few weeks I discovered that the tinted moisturizer I was using was causing me to breakout. I haven’t had a chance to find a new tinted moisturizer (yet), so I have been using this foundation for days I feel like a need more coverage than just concealer. I love how weightless it feels and how it blends right into your skin so naturally.

See the video of my daily makeup routine on my Instagram story/ highlights here!