Afternoon at La Aguada Polo Club- Open Door, Argentina

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Happy day! Today begins a short series of posts recapping my recent trip to Argentina. Come along as I share more photos, outfits, stories, and details from our time in Buenos Aires! To kick things off, I wanted to share one of my favorite days of the trip and our beautiful afternoon spent at La Aguada Polo Club.

Oh, what I would do to rewind and relive this trip! The bright sunshine, the kind families, the gorgeous country, the joyful people, the beautiful horses, the delicious food… I could go on and on. I’m not sure I’ve been anywhere else that felt quite this heavenly. I miss this place (and the people!) more than words can express.

Before I jump in, I guess I should probably explain the reason for our trip to Argentina. To sum it up quickly: polo. This trip has been in the works for a couple years (I’ll share more on that later when I write about our stay at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires). Argentina is home to some of the best polo players and tournaments in the world. The level of skill, talent, and competition there is completely unmatched.

My dad and brother play, and we have always talked (and dreamed!) about getting to take this trip all together. Growing up around this sport, watching my dad play, and now watching my brothers join him has been something really special to our family. My dad has visited Argentina several times before and always talked it up as the most incredible place filled with such wonderful people. To get visit all the places I have heard him talk about for years and experience it all together was so so so much fun.

For years, I have seen pictures of La Aguada Polo Club - its gorgeous tree lined roads, pristine fields, and traditional Argentine architecture. It was such a treat to get to spend a few days there watching polo… seeing the talented players and stunning horses in action! More pics at the end of this post.


One of the trickiest things about packing for this trip was the fact that I was packing for springtime in December. While the temperatures were in the mid 40s at home, I was packing for 70-80 degree days in Argentina. My go-to for warmer days and especially while traveling: little white dresses. What I love about a great white dress is its versatility. It provides a blank canvas to be accessorized 101 million ways, which is super great for travel when your bag space is limited and you’re not quite sure what your itinerary will be.

I found this dress on Shopbop (now available here) a couple weeks before our trip and snagged it thinking it would be great for day to night and polo days. On this particular day, I wore it as a bathing suit coverup, to the polo fields, and later to dinner/asado! Talk about versatility :)

If you have a sunny vacation coming up or are beginning to shop for spring, I have linked a few more of my favorite versatile breezy white dresses below!