First Fall Layer: Sleeveless Trench


Oh how time flies. On this day last year I was getting ready to leave for my very first fashion week in New York City. I had been hesitant about making plans leading up to the big week, because everyone seems to say "you'll know when the time is right" or "you'll know when it's your year." For a while I wasn't sure I was 100% ready to take that leap. Of course I had dreamed about attending and being a part of NYFW (in some way, shape, form or fashion) for essentially my entire life, but leading up to fashion week last September I was hesitant. 

That was until two opportunities came my way in the last couple weeks of August [2017] that were beyond my wildest fashion dreams. I think it was only about 7 days before fashion week that I actually booked my flight and made firm plans to visit NYC and attend fashion week for the first time. And I could not be more thankful I did. Both opportunities were huge blessings to me personally as well as professionally. I have thought about these opportunities literally every single day for the last year. And every time I think of them, I have to give thanks to the Lord for opening these doors and making dreams I never even dreamed of come true.

To some fashion means clothes... something that hangs on a rack, lives in a drawer, and is purely a means to an end. To me, fashion means art and stories and people and life and adventure and creativity and joy and travel and memories and dreams and so much more. To see the stories of designers' and their creative dreams come to life on the runway first hand was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. And something I cannot wait to see again so soon.

Needless to say, I am counting down the hours until I am headed back to NYC for my second fashion week, and I cannot wait to share more of this week and all the fashion excitement with you. Follow along on Instagram for the latest!

Wow, this was not the post I had planned on writing for today, but I guess I got a little carried away by my excitement for NYFW and all that is to come. What I had really planned on writing about was my favorite early fall layer: the sleeveless trench. I have had this sleeveless trench for a couple years now, and it is always the first layer I pull out for fall. It is such a great item to have in your wardrobe, especially for us Southern ladies, who are ready to dress for fall but have to face the reality of summer temperatures lasting until October. The sleeveless trench gives the look of a layered fall outfit without adding too much warmth in the early days of fall. Unfortunately my exact sleeveless trench is no longer available, but I found this really similar option that is a super close match. Take a look- it's available here and here