LCB at Home: Moving Day!


Today is the day! I picked up the keys to to my new apartment last week and am so excited to be moving in today! This move has been such a huge answered prayer, and The Lord continues to show me how He works in the most amazing, wonderful, unpredictable, yet detailed ways. I could go into a million details, but I simply want to remind y'all today that He is faithful, always. Even in the questioning and doubting and wondering when or how He is going to make a way, His timing is perfect and He opens doors at just the right moment.  

I could not be happier to get to share this next phase of life with y'all!

This is my first time to have complete freedom designing and decorating my living space, and I could not be more thrilled about it. The space is already bright and charming with history and lots of character, but I cannot wait to make it really feel like home and share the transformation of the living, dining, office, and bedroom spaces with y'all!

I hinted a couple weeks ago at my new home/upcoming move when I shared a bit of interior design inspiration on my Insta stories and asked if y'all were interested in me sharing more home decor posts. I was so happily surprised when nearly 100% of you said "YES!" My brain is overflowing with interior design inspo (and excitement!), so I will definitely be sharing more home decor posts in the days and weeks to come! 

Growing up, I was the girl that collected home decor catalogs, circling, highlighting, and dreaming up room designs as a child, as well as skipping school to rearrange my bedroom to "give it a new look." To say that interiors and home design have always piqued my interest would be an understatement. I definitely don't take having my talented sister as a built in interior designer for granted either! I'm really hoping to work with Katherine on some upcoming home posts to share with y'all... stay tuned! Also, let me know if there are any specific home or decor related posts y'all would like to see (DM or email me)!

To get started, I have spent the past few weeks collecting endless amounts of inspirational images and bookmarking products I love online. You can see my Pinterest board with lots of my ideas/ visions for the space here

Stay tuned for more #LCBATHOME updates and follow along on Insta stories here!