My Light and Bright Thanksgiving Table with VIETRI



Before my love for fashion or my love for design came my broader love for creating and making things. Whether a dress, a handmade card, an illustration, a website, a flower arrangement, or a table setting- designing and creating has always excited me unlike anything else.

Story time: One of my most favorite and special childhood memories was Saturday mornings spent with my grandmother Gammie. Every time she would come in town to visit, we would wake up bright and early on Saturday and head to Joe Muggs (local coffee shop) for hot chocolate and sweet treats (my sweet tooth 100% came from her :). Joe Muggs was as much of a magazine shop as a coffee shop, and they had shelves and shelves of magazines- this was obviously before the age of social media/cell phones/ today’s technology. After ordering drinks and food, we would grab a stack of pretty magazines and spend our mornings chatting and flipping through pages and pages of all the newest publications.

The two magazines I was always most excited to pick up and flip through were American Girl (for obvious reasons :) and Martha Stewart Kids. There was nothing I loved more than a good craft project and getting to make something… and Martha Stewart Kids always had the best projects/DIYs/ideas… or so my six year old self thought. I guess you can say that’s where a bit of my creative journey of designing and making things began- Joe Muggs on Saturday mornings with my grandmother, a large cup of hot chocolate, and a Martha Stewart Kids magazine.

Today’s post is one that takes me back in time and ties the past to the present, because it’s one that makes me feel like my six year old creative obsessed self again. And today I feel like my inner Martha Stewart is coming out as I’m creating and sharing my very own Thanksgiving table.

Okay now let’s really fast forward a bit to this past summer when I moved into my first “grown up” apartment. When I first looked at this apartment, one of the first things I thought to myself was how much fun it would be to dress this space up for the holidays! And now that the holidays are here, I am so thrilled to get to share more of my space and decor with you! With Thanksgiving only two weeks away (!!), today I’m excited to share my Thanksgiving table with you!

While I will not be spending Thanksgiving at home this year, I set my table a couple weeks early for a friendsgiving I am hosting! When you think of Thanksgiving, you may think of brown, orange and a darker colored table, but I don’t think it has to be that way. That’s the fun part of creating and hosting- you get to set the mood! Personally, I love everything light and bright, so that is exactly what I aimed for when setting my Thanksgiving table.

Through flowers, vases, dinnerware, and linens, I created a blush, blue, and white table that represents my personal style and provides a bright and fresh backdrop to delicious dishes and fun conversation.

VIETRI helped bring my creative vision and all my ideas to life through their gorgeous dinnerware, flatware, drinkware, and centerpieces. Growing up my family used the Vietri “Borgo Antico” as our everyday dinnerware, and I ate nearly every childhood meal off these VIETRI plates and bowls. I have admired the VIETRI brand and their gorgeous products for years, so when it came time to decide on my first grown up dinnerware set looking to VIETRI was a no brainer.

When creating my own table setting, the first item I decided on was this “Incanto Lace Dinner Plate.” The crisp white color and the gorgeous lace detail around the rim make it both elegant and timeless and set the mood for the rest of the table. From there, I knew I wanted to bring a little pop of color into my table somewhere, and I thought colored salad plates may be the perfect thing for that. I chose this “Incanto Stripe Salad Plate” in a light aqua color to bring a little life and color into my table. Next, I pulled the setting together with the “Incanto Lace Bowl” to match the dinner plates. For flatware, I chose this set... I love the hammered detail and the way each of the pieces catches/reflects the light. For glasses, I went with these simple and elegant wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Each of VIETRI’s pieces is a work of art and made by hand in Italy. I am speechless at the detail and craft that has gone into each and every one of their products. I really never knew I could fall so in love with a dinner plate until I found these designs from VIETRI! I am over the moon to be collaborating with VIETRI and sharing more hosting ideas/ tablescapes this holiday season. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

8 Tips for a Light and Bright Thanksgiving Table

  1. Cover your table with a white table cloth
    2. Use light colored flowers as a centerpiece- white hydrangeas, lilies, and roses are a few that work great!
    3. Arrange the flowers in white or light colored vases
    4. Add a few white pumpkins for table decor
    5. Use clear glasses
    6. Use white or light colored dinnerware
    7. Tie napkins with light colored ribbon
    8. Add place cards - found mine at Paper Source!

Thank you to VIETRI for partnering with me on this post!