23 Things I Learned at 22


Hello 23!

As was driving home last night, I was filled with so many emotions as I remembered that it was my last night being 22. I’ve never been particularly good at goodbyes, and somehow last night this birthday felt a little bit like a goodbye. A goodbye to a year of so much learning, so much growth, a good bit of change, some challenges, and so so many wonderful happy memories. A year of chasing dreams, a year of miracles, and a year of trusting.

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it has been an entire year since I turned 22 (because that still feels like yesterday), but the older I get the faster and faster time seems to fly. I just want to soak up every minute of this season of life, and I’m very much looking forward to 23… and all that this year will hold!

I am sitting down to write down 23 things that I learned at 22 (as requested by y’all on Instagram :)), and I know it will be fun to look back at this list in a few years and think back on these lessons learned. Some of these lessons came easy, some have been tough, and some I am still learning. Learning is so essential to growth, and I hope that I never stop learning or growing. This blog and platform has been such a space of learning and growth for me, and I’m so grateful that I get to share it with you. So as always thank you, thank you for reading and following along. 

Going to try my best to keep this post as least cheesy as possible :) Here we go…

23 Things I Learned at 22

1. I learned to say yes and go. I learned to not turn down the opportunity to visit a new place, meet someone new, or try something for the first time. I have had several totally new (and out of the blue) opportunities and invitations come my way this year that in the past I probably would have shied away from. This year I learned to trust more and worry a bit less. The Lord brought some of the most incredible memories, friendships, and experiences out of these times where I took a leap and just said yes.

2. I learned to spend less on things and more on experiences. They say traveling is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer, and I totally believe that. 

3. I learned to love flying. Fun fact: I used to have a huge fear of flying. A terrible experience flying over/around a tornado when I was younger left me a little frightened of the “friendly skies.” One of my favorite things about blogging has been the chance to visit new places and face this fear (I could probably write an entire blog post about this). Flying is just about my favorite thing in the world now… I absolutely love it.

4. I learned to read more. #nerdalert I have stumbled upon so many great books this year and have really loved making time to read before bed or early in the morning. 

5. I learned that decorating an apartment or any new space is hard. I had always heard this from others but it wasn’t until I moved into my apartment that I really learned this for myself. PTL for my designer sister @katherinebramlett.

6. I learned to rest in the Lord. This is definitely a lesson I am still learning and I am sure will continue to learn and re-learn forever. Matthew 11:28-30 [“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”] has been on my heart recently, and I have found so much peace in these verses reminding us to COME and RECEIVE rest from the Lord. It can be so easy to unintentionally carry burdens and hold on to everything ourselves and run ourselves to the point of burnout, but I have found so much rest and so much peace in giving expectations/fears/worries/circumstances completely to the Lord- knowing He is much wiser and stronger than I am, and He wants to carry them for me.

7. I learned to never wear sandals in an airport. One terrible experience of running through ATL airport in a pair of slides to make a connection after a delayed flight taught me to never ever wear sandals when flying again. These are now my go-to travel sneakers.

8. I learned the older I get, the faster time flies. Maybe it’s just this year in particular that has flown by, but I truly cannot keep up with what month it is.. or even what day it is. 

9. I learned the only way through hard things is through. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way and the only way to learn is to keep walking through. 

10. I learned that Golden Goose sneakers are 100% worth the purchase. It took me years to jump on board with these sneakers, but I couldn’t be happier I finally made the purchase this summer. I have worn them nonstop since August!

11. I learned more about the power of prayer. This book had a large part to do with that.

12. I learned that miracles happen. They do. They really really do.

13. I learned the importance of morning quiet time. This year I began having my quiet time in the morning (reading, journaling, praying) instead of at night, and it has been the most refreshing change. Making time for this in the morning has had a huge impact on my daily walk and overall daily mindset.

14. I learned to love NYC. I mentioned this on Instagram briefly, but I really never thought the day would come that I would fall in love with NYC. Being a girl from the South- there is nothing I love more than wide open spaces, and I would choose the country over the city almost any day. But NYC completely captured my heart during my last visit, and I am counting down the days until I get to head back there.

15. I learned to love green juice. All thanks to Bamboo Juices!

16. I learned to use packing cubes. These have been a lifesaver for my overpacking self.

17. I learned the importance of all natural makeup. Big RMS Beauty fan here!

18. I learned to give myself a little more grace. Blogging is a job that comes with a whole lot of freedom and very little structure, which means a lot of days my job/work never feels “done.” I used to let this pressure get to me a little bit more, but I have learned to give myself a little more grace this year and realize that not everything can be done in one day. I learned to accept that my to do list may not get finished each day and that is okay.

19. I learned that there’s nothing a good laugh can’t fix. #laughteristhebestmedicine Cheesy but again, very true. :)

20. I learned that y’all really love white lace tops. This top was my “most clicked” item in my 22nd year.

21. I also learned that y’all love J. Crew swimwear as much as I do. This was my “most purchased” item in my 22nd year.

22. I learned to be more intentionally grateful. This is a lesson I am still learning, but reading this book for the 2nd time has inspired/ taught me a lot about the power of giving thanks.

23. I learned how powerful trust is. Proverbs 3:5.