Meeting Reese Witherspoon

I have had quite a few pinch me moments over the past several years of blogging, but getting to meet Reese Witherspoon, one of my all time favorite actresses and role models, definitely ranks in the top 5 on my list!

It’s amazing how time flies, seasons change, and one things leads to another. Let’s rewind for a minute to fall 2016. Almost two years ago to the day, I very vividly remember receiving my first email from the Draper James team reaching out about partnering on this tailgate themed post. The subject line read something like “Reaching out on behalf of Reese Witherspoon's lifestyle brand, Draper James.” At the words “Reese Witherspoon” I remember almost falling out of my chair. Never in my wildest dreams did I think through my partnership with Draper James that one day I would get to meet THE Reese Witherspoon [and attend her Whiskey in a Teacup Book Tour].



What does one wear to meet Reese Witherspoon- an Oscar winning actress, best selling author, entrepreneur, producer, and girl boss- you might ask? I probably would have had the toughest time picking something out myself, but luckily the Draper James team made my decision super easy by sending me this gorgeous lace dress to wear for the event. Fun fact: it actually went a little missing in the mail and the Draper James Lexington store was so kind to overnight this blue dress to me. It arrived just in time the morning of the event. I did have to make a couple last minute alterations to the dress, nothing major but just taking it in slightly on the sides (FYI: for sizing/ anyone interested in ordering this dress, I am wearing a 0).



Y’all. I still cannot believe this happened. This picture doesn’t even feel like real life. It was so surreal to meet this iconic, talented, and inspiring woman! Reese Witherspoon is everything you would imagine her to be in person… and more! I felt as though I was getting to meet the real Elle Woods. She looked as if she stepped right out of the movie, and she is just as gracious, kind, and sweet in person as you would expect!

As soon as I received the invite to attend the meet and greet with Reese, the first thing that came to mind was “What in the world am I going to say when I meet her!?” How could I ever sum up my love and adoration for her movies, her work, and her brand in a few short words? Well, spoiler alert- I didn’t. I think I was way too excited and equally starstruck, and I just kept saying over and over again- “You’re amazing!” #smooth


Reese’s Whiskey in a Teacup Book Tour included 10 cities across the US- from New York to Dallas, and I still feel so lucky that she chose Birmingham as one of her stops! The event was held at the Alabama Theatre, which is a gorgeous older venue in downtown Birmingham. Reese’s talk was moderated by author Julia Reed, and Reese shared lots of memories and lessons from growing up in the South (many of which are included in the book- purchase here). She also spoke about her career (which is pretty incredible and so inspiring) and took the time to answer lots of questions from the audience- everything from her favorite movie line, to the location of future Draper James stores, to Legally Blonde 3 (cannot. wait.)!

Apart from hearing Reese speak- one of the highlights of my night was getting to spend time with Chelsea and Lauren- two hilarious, sweet, and fabulous bloggers that live in Birmingham!

During Reese’s talk, there were a few quotes I jotted down in my notes app on my phone, and thought I would share them with y’all too. I hope they inspire you like they did me!

“If we were all just a little more ambitious, the world would be a better place”

“Learn as much as you can learn!”

"The rent you pay for living is giving back”