Weekend Rewind No. 13


1. 5 pics from my weekend
2. 5 items on my wishlist
3. 5 of my favorite spring shoes
4. 5 of my favorite designer handbags
5. the latest on LCB Style

1. These shoes arrived at my doorstep Friday, and I am so happy to finally get to wear them. I have been eyeing them for months! I love the lace up style and the trim detailing near the bottom of the shoe. 

2. J. Crew's new arrivals are SO GREAT. Seriously, so so great. This top is one of my favorite finds! Pink is my weakness, and J. Crew has so many pretty things in the perfect "neon coral" color this season.

3. My desk is becoming a growing garden with all the spring flowers in bloom! These roses and hydrangeas have been making my workspace much happier, and I can't wait for the magnolias and gardenias to bloom in the next few days. 

4. This top by Draper James has the prettiest collar and sleeve detail. It's such a pretty take on a  classic white button down top. I wore it on Saturday with jean shorts and sandals for lunch and errands. 

5. I spent last night reminiscing on the past month's adventures, and all the photos from colorful Charleston are still making me smile. So thankful for all the memories we made in this beautiful city, and I'm looking forward to all the fashion + travels to come in May! 

p.s. this dress is one of the BEST finds under $100 and comes in black too.