Tory Sport at Sea Island

The architecture and views down Sea Island Drive do not disappoint :)

top: Tory Sport | leggings: Tory Sport | shoes: Nike | sunglasses: Ray Ban | watch: MICHELE (c/o) 

The only place you will ever see me running to is, quite literally, the ocean. I have never been the kind of girl that finds running “fun.” A long walk? Sure! A long run? No, thank you. I’m still waiting for that day when the light bulb goes off and I do, in fact, enjoy running, but for now I’ll stick to other forms of exercise. Unless.. like I said, I am at the beach and running to the ocean! There is nothing as beautiful or captivating to me as the ocean! I could spend hours listening the waves crash against the shore, watching the birds fly through the blue skies, and soaking up every bit of sun I can. If there is a beach in site, you can bet I will be running towards it. 

I have had these Tory Sport leggings on my wishlist for months, and I finally purchased them a couple weeks ago with my trip to Sea Island in mind. When they arrived, the first thing I noticed was how lightweight they are. They are truly light as a  f e a t h e r, which is a lot different than most leggings I own (Lululemon, J. Crew, etc.). Because they are so light, they are probably the most comfortable pair of leggings I own (they are essentially weightless!), and I have barely taken them off since I got them in the mail. They’re great for people who live in warmer climates like I do, because you can wear them even when it’s warm outside to Pure Barre, Pilates, Spin, Yoga, etc. and not completely burn up. They’re also cute enough to wear with a casual top or sweater and sneakers and get away with an “atheisure” look all day. My favorite design element (besides the lightweight fabric) is the white chevron stripes at the calf. Something about them makes the leggings instantly more flattering!

For a long walk down Sea Island Drive taking in all the gorgeous homes and architecture, I wore these leggings with this “LOVE” sweatshirt, and these pink sneakers! Tory Sport makes it super easy to look cute while being active, and I definitely recommend taking a look at more of her designs here! Even if you’re not looking for new athletic clothing, you have to take a look at this sweater- it would be so cute for everyday wear! Or if you are on the hunt for new swimwear, I really love this one and this one!

P.s. While I was writing this post, I went to the Tory Sport website to link the products and nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw these! Are these not the cutest!?! I’m in love! These ruffle ones are pretty adorable too.

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