Pleated Pink Maxi + Takeaways from The Southern C Summit

top: JOA | skirt: Tibi (old / similar) | shoes: Tory Burch (similar) | bag: Cult Gaia *back in stock* | bracelets: David Yurman, Hermes | watch: MICHELE (c/o) | earrings: Vanessa Mooney

Happy Valentine's Day! Today, I am so thrilled to share my first post from The Southern C Summit and my trip to Sea Island!

To say The Southern C Summit was inspiring would be a major understatement. I am so unbelievably grateful I had the chance to attend The Summit this year. From the location (is there anywhere as beautiful as Sea Island?!) to the people, conversations, speakers, and everything inbetween, this conference was one that will have a lasting impact on both me and my blog. It was such an incredible feeling to be sitting in The Cloister ballroom surrounded by such passionate, creative, talented, and hardworking women learning from some of the best entrepreneurs and creators in the industry. I was also so excited to have the opportunity to meet others I have looked up to for years as well as network with new-to-me brands and boutiques.  Overall, it was an incredibly encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting few days that I wish I could re-live! Keep reading to see the 5 lessons learned and 5 inspiring women from The Summit!

5 Takeaways from The Southern C Summit

1. "Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story." -Mr. Rogers, from Libbie Summer's panel on "Storytelling" | I absolutely love this quote, and it is something that stayed with me throughout the conference. I love that blogging has given others the platform to share their story with the world. Everyone has a unique story, and I think it is so awesome that the internet/blogging/social media has given others a voice and the ability to share their story.
2. The importance of an email list! | This is something that I could definitely improve and work on more, and I am looking forward to sending out more newsletters and exclusive content via email in the coming weeks. Enter your email address in the sidebar to sign up to be the first to receive this new content!
3. The power of collaborating | Throughout The Summit, it was so exciting to meet new people and hear their story and what inspires their brand/business. I think collaborating is such an exciting way to connect with others and create new inspiring products/content/etc. Two is always greater than one!
4. Video + Sound | Libbie Summers really emphasized the power of video and sound, and how it enriches and adds so much more to a story. I hope to incorporate some of the tools/techniques she spoke about into the content here on the blog! Stay tuned.
5. 3 Principles of a Good Idea (from Nikki Bazzani's panel on the "Art and Science of Pinterest") | Nikki's 3 principles of a good idea are 1) beautiful 2) inspiring 3) actionable. I love how Nikki clearly outlined these three principles and the power of each. Without one of these three parts, a great idea loses its value.

5 Inspiring Women from The Southern C Summit

These are just a few of the inspiring women I had the chance to meet/ hear from/ chat with at The Summit. Take a look at their blogs and shops and get to know them, because all 5 of these women are so awesome!
1. Chassity Evans | Founder, Look Linger Love
2. Libbie Summers | Author, Tastemaker and Award-Winning Producer 
3. Monica Lavin | Independent Content Publisher, Stylist and Founder, Lavin Label
4. Christie Shepard | Co-Founder of Dear Keaton
5. Mandy Kellogg Rye |  Founder and Creative Director, Waiting on Martha