Travel Guide: Seaside, Florida

There are few places that I love visiting as much as Seaside, Florida! From the gorgeous beaches to the colorful homes to the delicious food and everything else in between, Seaside is one of my very favorite places to vacation! There is something for everyone (of all ages!) to do here, and it is such an easy place to relax and enjoy times with friends and family. 

I am so excited to share more of why I love Seaside as well as some of my favorite places to eat and things to do in Seaside with you today!

WHERE TO STAY in Seaside, FL

The best option for accommodations in Seaside is renting a house for your stay. Whether you are visiting for a weekend or staying for the week, the best way to make the most of your time is to rent one of the beautiful colorful cottages. There is something about the charm of the Seaside houses that instantly makes you feel at home, and there is not a “bad” location in all of Seaside. Because the neighborhood is not very big, every house is within walking distance to eating, shopping, and, best of all, the ocean!

Best Rental Companies:
-Cottage Rental Agency
-Homeowner’s Collection

If you are looking for more of a full service hotel experience near Seaside, these are the two best hotels in the area:  
-Watercolor Inn
-The Pearl

WHERE TO EAT in Seaside, FL

There is absolutely no shortage of delicious food in Seaside, FL. I have not had a “bad” meal there in years. Whether you are looking for seafood, pizza, Mexican, Italian, or just a good burger, you can find it.

These are some of my favorite dining options:
-Bud & Alley’s
-Pizza Bar
-Taco Bar
-Pizza by the Sea
-Café 30A
-George’s at Alys Beach
-Havana Beach Rooftop
-Fonville Press (for coffee and pastries)
-Great Southern Café
-The Red Bar

For sweet treats:
-Frost Bites
-Heavenly’s Shortcakes and Ice Cream
-Sugar Shak

WHAT TO DO in Seaside, FL

1. Rent beach chairs and go to the beach! The beaches in Seaside are GORGEOUS. With pristine white sand and crystal clear water that rivals that of the Caribbean, spending all day on the beach is probably my favorite thing to do in Seaside. Grab a towel, good book, and a sweet treat and you are good to go!

2. SHOP! These are few of my favorite stores:
    -Willow + Woods
    -La Dolce Vita / Wendy Mignot
    -Ophelia Swimwear
-The Seaside Style

3. grab a good book to read at Sundog Books. I could spend hours in here picking up new titles and finding new beach reads. 

4. go to a concert/ play/ performance at the Seaside Amphitheater. Seaside always has fun events planned, so grab a blanket and find a spot in the amp to enjoy one of their summer concerts! 

5. watch the sunrise and sunset from the beach pavilions. Some of the most beautiful sunrises/ sunsets I have seen in my life were right here in Seaside. There are no words to describe the beauty of this place. 

6. go for a bike ride. Most vacation rentals come with complimentary bikes, and you should definitely take advantage of them! Go for a ride around the neighborhood and take in the fun and whimsy of all the colorful architecture or get your exercise in by taking a ride all the way to Alys Beach or Rosemary. 

WHEN TO GO to Seaside, FL

While Seaside can be especially busy during Spring Break and over the Fourth of July, those are two of my very favorite times of the year to visit. Yes, the lines may be a little longer at Frost Bites and you may have a harder time getting dinner reservations, but I absolutely love being surrounded by all the happy energy and joy of all the families visiting Seaside during the spring/summer season. While it is definitely busier during these two weeks of the year, it’s a “happy kind of busy”!

If you are looking to avoid the crowds, Late Spring and Early Fall are two really great times to go!