Beauty Edit No. 1: Back to School Essentials

What I'm Wearing- top: Madewell | jeans: J Brand | watch: MICHELE (c/o) | bracelets: David Yurman, Tory Burch

Beauty Products- 1. fave4 Texture Takeover Spray 2. fave4 Up for Air Dry Cream 3. Grow Gorgeous High Strength Density Shampoo 4. Grow Gorgeous Hyaluronic Density Conditioner 5. Solia SuperHot Professional Flat Iron 6. Hot Tools Extra Long Curling Iron

Today I’m so excited to bring a new series to LCB Style! Over the past year or so, I have been mainly sharing outfit posts and fashion finds here on the blog. Lately I have spent a lot of time brainstorming new content categories that I would love to expand into, and the one that I am so happy to be introducing today is beauty! I absolutely love finding new beauty products and discussing the best tools and tricks, so it felt like a natural fit to bring some beauty content into the mix here! Each Friday over the next several weeks, you can look forward to some fun beauty focused content here on LCB Style! 

First up, I’m sharing some back to school essentials from Folica! Let’s discuss hair, shall we? My hair has always been very fine, moderately thick, and the craziest blend of straight and wavy. Depending on the humidity outside, my hair can either be in ringlets or nearly perfectly straight. Because of the really fine nature of my hair, the one product I am always on the hunt for is something that gives it a little texture, and the fave4 Texture Takeover Spray does just that! I spray it on the underside of my roots to add a little extra lift. Also, another product I love from Folica is the fave4 Up for Air Dry Cream that reduces frizz and adds some texture when I let my hair dry on its own. It gives it a little extra body without much effort, which is awesome. Lastly, a new shampoo and conditioner I have been trying is the Grow Gorgeous High Strength Density Shampoo and the Grow Gorgeous Hyaluronic Density Conditioner. Both products reduce split ends and keep my hair long and healthy!

As far as tools go, I rely on three basic items: a blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. I will be discussing and sharing my favorite blow dryer in next week’s Beauty Edit (it is seriously the BEST), but today I want to focus on the straightener and curling iron I am currently using. First, the straightener I love is the Solia SuperHot Professional Flat Iron. It heats up quickly, you can manually change the temperature digitally, and it does not feel like it’s frying my hair. This straightener feels a lot more gentle on my hair compared to other ones I have used in the past, which I LOVE. Second, I am currently obsessed with the Hot Tools Extra Long Curling Iron. Because my hair is so long, curling my hair and giving it some waves can be very time consuming, but this has saved me a lot of time. The extra long barrel is so great and helps the process go much faster. It’s also great for shorter hair because you can space out the curls/waves more!

Folica is a one stop shop for all things hair related for college students (and really those of all ages), so I definitely recommending taking a look at more of their items here! Another item from there that I'm eager to try is the T3 Interchangeable wand!

I am so so so excited to continue sharing more beauty related content, so if you have any post suggestions or questions, email me at LCBSTYLEBLOG@GMAIL.COM with the subject Beauty Edit! 

Thank you to Folica for partnering with me on this post!