Beauty Edit No. 2: Hair Essentials

Happy Friday! I'm so excited to continue today with the new Beauty Edit series on LCB Style! Today is all about more hair items/ tools that I am loving currently: my favorite brushes and the best blowdryer

First, let's discuss brushes. These are an essential in everyone's beauty drawer, yet I think they can get overlooked way too often. Different brushes can change both the texture and appearance of your hair, so it is very important to pay attention to the tools you are using daily. The brushes I have loved using lately are these three from the Fromm International 1907 line:

1. The Glosser Paddle: I use this for everyday brushing and styling. The bristles are super soft and leave my hair looking smoother and, truly, a little bit glossy. I love this brush, because it is really gentle and doesn't pull out my hair like others have in the past. 

2. The Hot Paddle: I use this brush when I am blow drying my hair straight. The hot paddle design helps retain heat and reduce blow drying time, which is really awesome. The bristles are also very soft and gentle!

 3.The Square Thermal Brush. This is the brush I use when I am blow drying my hair but want to leave more volume in it. The square design is very unique and had to take some getting used to at first, but I love how much volume it leaves in my hair!

Next, the blowdryer I am currently obsessed with is the Fromm 1907 Lightweight Dryer. I tend to usually let my hair air dry, because I never want to put any unnecessary heat on it. But because my hair has gotten pretty lengthy, I do love having a great blowdryer on hand that I can use to dry my hair when needed due to time. One of the things that I have never loved about blowdryers is how loud they are. The noise can be such a rude awakening when getting ready in the morning, so I instantly fell in love with this new blowdryer when I turned it on and it wasn't loud AT ALL. This blowdryer makes more of a soft hum than a loud turbulent noise, which I really appreciate. Another one of my favorite features is the "anti frizz" option that has truly made a difference in my hair. Depending on the humidity outside, my hair can get quite a lot of unwanted frizz in it, but this has helped so much. 

What are some of your favorite hair items/ tools? I would love to hear! In case you missed last week's "Beauty Edit No. 1", you can find it here!

Thank you to Fromm International for partnering with me on this post!