Summer on LCB Style + Poll

"Amazing things happen when you're having fun and doing something you love" - Jenna Lyons


With summer comes bright sunshiny days and the constant temptation to ditch work for an afternoon outside eating popsicles, or taking a spontaneous road trip to the beach, or even a quick drive to the lake for the day! With all of these fun happenings and travels, I haven’t been able to create as much new, exciting content for LCB Style as I would like to! Sometimes I think it would be great if there were just a few extra hours in the day to get all of the behind the scenes work done for LCB Style. So I apologize for the decrease in posts lately, but I promise that’s about to change because I have so many fun new things to share. Get excited to check back and see a new post on LCB Style each weekday starting tomorrow. :) 

With that said, I am sitting down to work on my editorial calendar and planning content for the blog this summer, as well as for the months to come! Annnnnd I need y’all’s help! I want LCB Style to be a very interactive space where we can talk and discuss the latest fashion finds, trends, and sales, and I want this to be a space that y’all look forward to coming to day after day to see new, fresh, and exciting content! I really want y’all to love the content and be engaged, SO I thought it would be really fun to get y’all’s help and opinion on some things! 

Help me create and plan content for the summer!

Select your favorite type of content featured on LCB Style below. Also, feel free to leave any post ideas or topics you would like to see on the blog in the comments! 

*all submissions are anonymous*

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Thank y'all so much for reading and following LCB Style! It means the world to me :) XO