Shopbop Surprise Sale

Personally, I am not a huge fan of surprises. I am much more of a planner, and I love having things scheduled and looking forward to them. But, I was not disappointed at all when I received an email from Shopbop yesterday announcing their Surprise Sale! They have discounted tons and tons of items up to 40% off. After browsing all 25 pages (yes, I went through all. 25. pages.), honestly I was not overly thrilled with the clothes included in the sale (don't get me wrong, there are definitely some good finds). BUT, the shoes and accessories included in the sale definitely caught my attention.

I have been eyeing these pretty lace up espadrilles, and now that they're 30% off, I'm having a really hard time resisting the purchase. Also, three beautiful Tory Burch bags are included in the sale: this blue one, this neutral one, and this black one! I actually just got this one the other day, and I absolutely love the size, shape and color of it! 

Take a look at my 12 favorites from the Surprise Sale:

Take a look at more of my favorites from Shopbop here! *not all are included in sale*