Premier Collection Preview

Some of you may have seen peeks of what I have been calling #projectpremier on Instagram, and I am so thrilled to be finishing up my first fashion collection! The name “Project Premier” came from the French word “premier” meaning “first.” Since this assortment of garments will mark my first fashion collection, I thought it was perfect to label it with something French, considering the incredible impact the French have on fashion and design. The idea for this collection originated during a long bout with the flu in January. I felt so creatively uninspired and un-motivated, and I was eager for a new project and something to share more of my design and creative perspective with all of you! Before I knew it, my mind was racing with ideas, imagining this collection and what it could possibly look like. And a few hours of sketching later I had nailed down all my designs! After hours and hours (.... and more hours) of sewing, the collection is almost finished! It is composed of garments and accessories, some of which will be available for purchase  soon!

Much of my inspiration for this collection came from dreaming of long days at the beach and the gorgeous sunsets the Lord paints for us there. When thinking of a color scheme for this collection, my mind flashed back to a beach sunset last February (2015). My brother and I went out to the beach to watch the sunset, and I will never forget the perfect pastel hues of the sand and sky that night.  As the sun was setting over the ocean, the sand began turning a soft lilac and the sky became pink and orange. The breathtaking shades and colors transforming by the minute into even more stunning shades of lilac, orange, turquoise, pink, and blue. There was something so real and calming about that night watching the sky and seeing the Lord’s beauty so visibly. Such an awesome reminder of His unquenchable love and peaceful presence. I will never forget it.

The photo below is one from a little later from that night last February. I love the cross that appeared in the sky and reflected in the water! 

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