Fashion Favorite: M. Gemi

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Many know that Italy is home to a plethora of gorgeous and high quality shoe designers (hello, Salvatore Ferragamo) and if you look on the bottom of the soles of the best made shoes, you will usually find the “Made in Italy” stamp. Some of the prettiest and best made shoes in the world come from Italy, because the people there have truly mastered their craft and are able to create an amazing product. 

When shopping for shoes, there are two criteria that a new pair has to meet for me: good quality and unique design. M. Gemi, a brand that prides itself in high quality Italian made shoes at a fraction of the cost of luxury brands, puts a big check mark by each of my “criteria.” They have created a collection of truly stunning & affordable shoes that are made with some of the finest materials by the most qualified shoe craftsmen! Quality made shoes are always worth the purchase to me, because they stand the test of time and can be worn over and over again without the soles withering away or hurting your feet. M. Gemi is an online retailer and every Monday they roll out a new limited edition of shoes. Right now, I am in love with these neutral flats, these simple and sleek booties and these textured sneakers