Gift Guide: Outerwear

I am so happy to share another gift guide with you today! After creating Monday's "Jetsetter" gift guide, I got SO excited about the fun holiday season ahead and all the great gifts in stores right now. These posts are actually some of my very favorite to put together, because I love browsing all the new arrivals and finding the best products at all my favorite stores. I am going to try to publish a new gift guide each Monday and Wednesday from now until Christmas!

Today's guide is all about outerwear! Christmas is the best time to receive a pretty jacket, furry vest, or beautiful coat to wear into the new year and throughout the rest of the winter months. I included a few of my favorite classics like this and this as well as a few statement pieces like this and this! Take a look at all my finds below :) 

On another note, so many stores are starting some of their Thanksgiving/ Black Friday sales early, so be sure to check back soon for a roundup of the best sales to shop!

(1)ONE | (2)TWO | (3)THREE | (4)FOUR | (5)FIVE | (6)SIX | (7)SEVEN | (8)EIGHT | (9)NINE | (10)TEN | (11)ELEVEN | (12)TWELVE | (13)THIRTEEN | (14)FOURTEEN | (15)FIFTEEN | (16)SIXTEEN | (17)SEVENTEEN | (18)EIGHTEEN | (19)NINETEEN | (20)TWENTY | (21)TWENTY-ONE | (22)TWENTY-TWO | (23)TWENTY-THREE | (24)TWENTY-FOUR

If you have questions about any of these items or need help finding the perfect gift, please don't hesitate to email me (LCBSTYLEBLOG@GMAIL.COM). I would LOVE to help!