Gift Guide: Jetsetter

Happy Monday! 'Tis the season of gifting! I'm going to be honest with y'all... I tried my hardest to hold out until after Thanksgiving to start sharing Christmas/holiday posts and gift guides, but I simply could not do it. My plan was to not start posting gift guides until at least Black Friday, but I am more eager than ever for Christmas time to be here this year, and I have SO much I want to share with y'all! 

So, I gave in, and this year's series of holiday gift guides is OFFICIALLY HERE! Similar to last year, each Monday from now until Christmas I will be sharing a new gift guide here on the blog! So many readers and friends loved these posts last year, and I loved receiving emails and texts letting me know how helpful these were to y'all and your holiday shopping. It seriously made my day to know that I had helped some of y'all in a small way! My hope is that this year's gift guides are just as useful and help you check off your list! 

To kick things off, today's gift guide is all about the jetsetter or the girl-on-the-go in your life! With the holidays approaching, it seems like everyone has fun trips and exciting getaways planned this time of year. Whether your gift-ee is headed somewhere tropical and warm or cool and snowy for the holidays, I hope this guide gives you a few ideas for what to give her!  

(1)ONE | (2)TWO | (3)THREE | (4)FOUR | (5)FIVE | (6)SIX | (7)SEVEN | (8)EIGHT | (9)NINE | (10)TEN | (11)ELEVEN | (12)TWELVE | (13)THIRTEEN | (14)FOURTEEN | (15)FIFTEEN | (16)SIXTEEN | (17)SEVENTEEN | (18)EIGHTEEN | (19)NINETEEN | (20)TWENTY

Several of the items I have included are things I own and love (like this, this, and this)! This suitcase has been a game changer for me and my habit of overpacking. I love the space and dividers on the inside, and the design of it is so pretty! Another favorite of mine are these simple sneakers. They are simply one of the most versatile shoes I own and can be worn with just about everything. No matter where one's travels may take her, these are a must have under $100!

If you have questions about any of these items or need help finding the perfect gift, please don't hesitate to email me (LCBSTYLEBLOG@GMAIL.COM). I would LOVE to help!