Top 5: Over the Knee Boots

I have had so many readers and friends ask me lately about my thoughts on over the knee boots and which to purchase, so I am excited to round up all my favorite pairs for you in today's "Top 5" post! First of all, if you are looking to invest in one item that you will get tons and tons of wear out of this fall and winter, I cannot recommend purchasing a great pair of over the knee boots enough. I got this pair last winter, and I wore them nearly everyday. They are unbelievably comfortable and extremely versatile. 


The two things I love most about over the knee boots is (1) the extra touch of style they add to any look as well as (2) how flattering they are on nearly everyone. You could be wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, but the second you add a pair of OTK boots into the mix, the outfit's style is instantly elevated and looks a bit chicer. They look great with everything from dresses to skirts to sweaters, jeans, and everything inbetween! Whether you are 5'2'' or 6'2'', a pair of over the knee boot elongates your legs and is super flattering on anyone's figure. 

I am someone who always chooses quality over quantity, and I think this is extra important when purchasing a pair of OTK boots. Because there is a good bit more leather/suede than an average pair of boots, you want to be sure that it is the best quality. Another reason to invest in a pair of good quality OTK boots is because (if you are like me) you are going to end up wearing them to death, and you don't want to wear them out in just one season. This pair is one that will last you years and will never go out of style!