Wardrobe Essential: Striped Tee

For the next several weeks, I am going to be sharing some of my favorite wardrobe essentials in a weekly post! To start off the new year, now is a great time to evaluate your closet, purge the things you never wear, and make space for some of the items you are missing! Closet clean out tip: turn all of your hangers backwards (so the hook is facing you), and after you wear an item turn the hanger around. After a couple of weeks/months, evaluate all the items that are still hanging backwards and see what you should give away/ donate! 

First Up: The Striped Tee

I donโ€™t think there is a more versatile or essential top than a classic, simple, and chic striped tee. My favorite color variation is navy and white, but I also love black and white, gray and white, and red and white! A great striped top can be worn during every season and will never ever go out of style. It is truly one of the most classic items in a womanโ€™s closet. See my "stripes" pinterest board here for more inspiration :) 

Personally, my favorite striped top is this one by Saint James via J. Crew. The fit is somewhat loose and relaxed, and the sleeves are long but can be easily rolled up during the summer. The fabric is really soft and also great quality, so it can withstand lots of washes! It is the best! Below you can find/ shop my other favorites! 

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