Sand and Sea and My SCL Tee

t-shirt: seaside crew life | shorts: minkpink | swimsuit: she made me | sandals: tory burch | necklaces: wendy pearls | hat: tory burch (similar) | sunglasses: ray ban

Many of you who have visited Seaside, FL or the 30A area know of @LIVESCL (formerly @seasidecrewlife), an Instagram account created to share the beauty of the Seaside area and the joyful memories made there! I have always been a big fan of this account, and I admire the creator, Ansley's, passion for this area that is so special to many. This past summer, Seaside Crew Life launched its first ever limited edition T-Shirt! The first edition sold out before I could order one, but luckily I got my hands on one of the second edition shirts! I love the graphic design, comfort colors style, and front pocket... it definitely meets all my requirements for a great t-shirt! :) I was so happy when my shirt arrived the day before I left for the beach... perfect timing! As seen in the pictures above, I wore it to the beach one day over my swimsuit with a pair of jean shorts and my favorite Tory Burch hat! Unfortunately the shirt is no longer available, but hopefully there will be another edition of the SCL shirt released in the near future!

See the SCL Website to learn more!

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