Golden Summer

top: frank & eileen | skirt: tibi | sandals: yosi samra | watch: michele | bracelets: hermes | necklace: max & chloe

Some of you may remember this gold skirt from an older post from January! When I found this skirt last winter, I knew it would be a special piece to add to my closet! I adored the gold shimmery color, the pleats, and the length. It never crossed my mind though that this would be a piece I would be able to wear during the summer. At first, I thought the color and material made it much too heavy and too "winter-ish," but when I paired it with a white top, I loved the combination! I think color is such an interesting thing. It is so fascinating how we see colors differently based on what they are paired with (this just made me think of the infamous black and blue or white and gold controversy lol). In this case, I love how the white color brings out more of the light shimmer of the skirt; as opposed to when I paired it with a black top and fur vest here, and the skirt seemed much darker. I also loved dressing it down with a casual white button up tied at the waist and my favorite white sandals! 

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