Fashion Favorite: Josefinas

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Happy Monday! I am so excited to introduce yโ€™all to one of my fashion favorites, Josefinas today! I love a pair of shoes with a story, and these beautifully handmade ballet flats have a great one. Filipa, the designer, shares:

     "Some time ago, I was an architect with a dream: to create casual, elegant footwear that would honor my past as a ballerina and the future of modern Portuguese women. I quickly reached the concept of ballet flats. However, these couldnโ€™t be just any ballet flats, they would have to have personality, to represent the excellence that comes through the hands of my countryโ€™s shoe craftsmen and, above all, to give a woman the elegance and confidence that a     great pair of shoes can bring to your life.โ€ (Read more of her story here)

From the tutus to the music to the costumes to the pointe shoes, the entire world of ballet has always fascinated me. Ballet has such a visible influence on fashion, and ballet flats are one of the most prominent displays of this! The Josefinas brand has captured my attention not only for the beautiful design of the shoes, the adorable names, the charming colors/prints, and handmade construction, but most importantly for their initiative to give back to women. Josefinas has released a limited collection of flats that support Women of Women International, a non profit dedicated to support women survivors of war, poverty, and injustice. Josefinas has already helped several women through this movement, and I cannot wait to see the difference they continue to make!

Take a look at more Josefinas ballet flats here!

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