Fashion News: OscarPRGirl Erika Bearman Changes Roles

Anyone who follows fashion on Instagram is likely familiar with @Oscarprgirl. Erika Bearman, the former SVP of Global Communications at Oscar de la Renta, has managed the account and amassed quite a following (over 540,000) in the past few years. The @Oscarprgirl account is one that has always inspired me; from jaw dropping gown designs, to exclusive behind the scenes, to elegant fashion illustrations, to inspiring quotes, Erika Bearman really knows how to portray such an iconic brand so well through social media. Bearman has just announced her decision to change roles to a consulting position at Oscar de la Renta, and I know she will continue to thrive! 

In honor of Erika Bearman changing positions and the world welcoming a new face as @OscarPRGirl, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the Instagram account over the past years. I hope you find as much inspiration from them as I have! 

*all images via @oscarprgirl instagram account