Paris Haute Couture Fall 2015: Dior

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is here! I am so excited to catch a glimpse of the incredible designs (works of art may truly be a better term) that will be gracing the runways this week. What I admire most about haute couture is the craftsmanship and creativity behind each design. The beading, embellishments, and overall attention to every tiny detail is astonishing. It would be an absolute dream to be present at one of these shows... Dior or Chanel would be my preference ;)! 

For those that are not sure what exactly haute couture is... "haute couture" literally means "high or elegant dressmaking." Today the term has come to represent the high fashion produced by less than 20 houses in Paris. To be a haute couture house, a business must belong to the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in Paris, which is regulated by the French Department of Industry. Haute couture is fashion that is solely constructed from scratch by hand and is made from some of the highest quality fabric in the world. The talented and experienced sewers constructing these garments pay amazing attention to detail (many involve hand sewing techniques). Constructing these garments by hand is extremely time consuming and requires a great amount of skill.

This past weekend, I finally got to see Dior and I, which proved to be an amazing documentary showing behind the scenes footage of the House of Dior preparing for a haute couture show. When I realized the Dior Haute Couture show was this morning, I was so excited to see more of Raf Simons' garments come to life. Watching the runway show after seeing the film, I felt like I knew so much more about what went into each garment and more about what was happening backstage. Dior and I is definitely a must see for anyone interested in fashion, art, or design!

These were my favorite looks from the show this morning-

images via // Yannis Vlamos //