Latest and Greatest {Vol. 1}

[In case you missed National Lipstick Day :) // image via]

Today begins a new series that I have titled "Latest and Greatest," where I hope to share some of my latest and greatest findings from around the web with you at the end of each week! Throughout each week, I come across articles, blog posts, shopping finds, videos and sometimes just random things I want to share but that don't exactly fit into one of my blog posts! I thought it would be fun to round some of these things up at the end of each week and share links to them! These things will range from the latest fashion news, to an inspiring article, to a cute video to my most recent shopping find. Through it all, I hope that you find something inspiring from it! Happy Friday, everyone! I hope each of you has a lovely and blessed weekend soaking up the last bit of July! xoxo

Without further ado...

1. A sneak peek of  Tory Burch's activewear line coming out soon []

2. Cara Delevingne adds beatboxing to her many talents []

3. A refreshing post on authenticity []

4. In love with Dorothy's pom pom tote DIY! []

5. Planner season is back and I have found a new favorite []

6. Karlie Kloss is putting herself in front of her camera []

7. Julia's recent French adventures have my heart aching to return to the Loire Valley []

8. The Birkin Bag may be getting a new name []

9. Crushing on Mackenzie's pretty new luggage []

10. The Psalm I have been studying this week []