Designs by LCB Vol. 1 : Pink Maxi Skirt

top: topshop | skirt: lcb | shoes: sam edelman (similar) | cuff: tory burch (similar) | earrings: nicola bathie

I am so excited about this outfit post for two reasons: 

1. I have been dreaming of this skirt for over a year

2. I finally made something all by myself

A year ago, when I officially decided to major in Apparel Design, I truly did not expect to be making my own garments this soon. I thought I would (hopefully) learn to construct a garment by my junior year … but I am so excited to be able to do so now! Obviously practice makes perfect, and because I have little practice, this skirt is no where near perfect… at all. 

story behind the skirt

Last Spring, I tried on a lovely bright pink maxi skirt at Calypso St. Barth in Georgetown, VA, and I passed on purchasing it, because it was much too big, and (at the time) did not feel like going through the hassle of having it altered. Well… it is a year later, and I still wish I had that skirt in my closet. I have not been able to find anything else similar in stores, so, as soon as I got my sewing machine, I knew that was the first thing I wanted to make for myself. The Calypso one was more of a wrap style skirt, but I wanted to stick to something a little bit more versatile. 

To begin, I chose to order this pretty crepe de chine fabric from Mood in NYC, because all of my favorite Tibi items are made from this delicate and beautiful silk. Well, it turns out Tibi garments are made from 4 ply silk crepe de chine which is totally different than 2 ply (woops!). Of course I didn’t realize that small fact until I began cutting the fabric, and it was so slippery, it took all the concentration I had in me to cut it in a somewhat straight line. For someone as OCD as me, this drove me insane. (side note: that is one of my pet peeves about creating handmade garments… there is no such thing as “perfect”- it’s impossible. Nonetheless, it’s a good lesson for me to relax and trust that the garment will still turn out okay) Next, I faced the challenge of inserting a zipper by myself (read: without the help of my teacher's step by step instructions) for the first time, and I was quickly reminded I need a lot more practice with this! Anyways, I was still able to complete the skirt and I’m so happy it came out okay! 

Stay tuned for more original creations!