Happy Cinco de Mayo!

One of my favorite things about fashion is the story it tells. Around the world, from country to country, the clothing a woman wears gives a glimpse into her story. I love seeing the variety in fashion and all the different designs that are native to a specific time or place. Since today is Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to go deeper into the story behind traditional Mexican clothing. The most familiar Mexican dress to most Americans is the classic embroidered Puebla dress, which is named after where it originated in Puebla, Veracruz. Today, Puebla is known as a center from many Mexican arts and crafts. This dress is fairly shape-less, made from cotton, and features beautiful hand-embroidery. You can find this dress in nearly every color of the rainbow, but white is actually the classic color. 

Story Behind the Dress

A girl from east Asia was brought to Puebla, Mexico as a slave in the early 17th Century, and she refused to dress like the locals and continued to wear the clothing from her home country. Soon enough, many of the women in Mexico fell in love with her dress and began copying her style. Her original dress consisted of an embroidered, short sleeved blouse, a long, full skirt and shawl.

Although I have not been able to get my hands on one of these beautiful Puebla dresses, I thought this dress resembled some of the bright and beautiful colors and embroidery seen in the Mexican dresses. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

dress: deja vu | shoes: michael kors | bag: k. slademade (similar) | bracelets: chapel farm collection, giles + brother | watch: michele

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